Professor_HeadshotMy diverse academic interests range from modernist avant-garde practices to postmodern theory, much of my more recent research centers within the interdisciplinary intersection of academic theory and creative practice with a focus on film and television studies.

Ultimately, I am most interested in our complex relationship with media, particularly from a communications perspective. As a digital communications professor, challenging and encouraging students to become active and critical consumers (and producers) of media (in all forms) often takes center stage in the classroom.

Creatively, I often work with non-narrative visual formats, primarily through video and photography. While not all of my creative work is related to my academic research, some of it is, as I believe an ongoing fusion of theory and practice is key to the learning process, be it in/out of an educational setting.

University of Central Florida: Ph.D. Texts and Technology
Arizona State University: M.A. Interdisciplinary Studies
Arizona State University: B.A. Psychology
Scottsdale Community College: A.A.S. Motion Picture/Television Production